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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.



The analogical structure of my portfolio consists in postcards.They are frame images from the stopmotion of my portfolio, with technical aspects of those works.
These posters runs around the city as viral marketing, appearing everywhere that you might or might not expect.


Mini portfolio from ana camboa on Vimeo.

This is the digital part of my portfolio proposed to my editorial master. Introducing the digital is a way of starting to introduce this “new” subject that is imminent and we cannot run from it.So, lets make part of it!



I was asked, as well as my 49 colleagues, to choose a tipography. Something different, not the same old tipographies that we usually say just because we know that they are well designed, so it can’t be wrong…
So, my choice to this small work was Domestos Serif. It seems to me that geometrically it’s well done and the serif is not designed in a conventional way. Visually seems modern and it is as good for text as it is for titles.

After choosing the tipography, it was time to do the cover that would content the 50 tipographies.
This one continues in progress!



andando en la calle



This is a magazine made of magazines…
Made in colaboration with Laura Arias.

Proposal: to do our ideal magazine but with existent magazines in the market.

Concept: a magazine where you can scratch, that contains the information that you need and that is your notebook of the month. It has four themes: “andando en la calle” [walking on the street], where you have events of the months with flyers or brochures included, that you can remove from the magazine and put them somewhere else; “conociendo nuevos artistas [knowing new artists], enterviews and articles about new artists that appears in the middle of our walks and researches; “inspirando” [inspiring], work from several artists, mixed as well one to the others; and finally “creando” [creating], blank spages where you can use your imagination, write your ideas and thoughts, whatever you want to do with them. A way of having a diary of the month with critical and reviews, tickets of cinema, just use your imagination…

Every month one young artist is invited to illustrate the magazine, with total freedom.






in this Atlántica

previous editions
This website runs in horizontal way instead of vertical. It is sensitive to the mouse, going to right or left as you move it. As you can see there are two arrows, but they only appear when you pass with the mouse over. You can visualize it either in English or Castelhano.
It is very simple, composed for 4 main items, which are the actual edition, previous editions, subscription of the magazine and contacts.
The webpage contents are based on magazine contents but they are not equal. They are a complement of the magazine.