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andando en la calle



This is a magazine made of magazines…
Made in colaboration with Laura Arias.

Proposal: to do our ideal magazine but with existent magazines in the market.

Concept: a magazine where you can scratch, that contains the information that you need and that is your notebook of the month. It has four themes: “andando en la calle” [walking on the street], where you have events of the months with flyers or brochures included, that you can remove from the magazine and put them somewhere else; “conociendo nuevos artistas [knowing new artists], enterviews and articles about new artists that appears in the middle of our walks and researches; “inspirando” [inspiring], work from several artists, mixed as well one to the others; and finally “creando” [creating], blank spages where you can use your imagination, write your ideas and thoughts, whatever you want to do with them. A way of having a diary of the month with critical and reviews, tickets of cinema, just use your imagination…

Every month one young artist is invited to illustrate the magazine, with total freedom.


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