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Logotype made to a real estate company.


Proposal: redesign of DeLonghi logotype ( protected by water mark and low quality image)
project made in collaboration with Laura Arias.

proposal: virtual gallery

solution: a website page very clean, focused his specially attention at the art work;
the menu is situated at the left side as an easy interface to other technological devices;
connections with twitter, facebook, myspace and others as a way to arrive to a major number of people;
it also gives you more information about the artists, such as their personal pages.


proposal: a t-shirt which defines me.

solution: in a way of not defining myself and having the possibility of keeping an open definition, i’ve made a t-shirt with velcro, combining with symbols and letters. So, according to my state of mind, where i am in life, i can change the message that i want to transmit to you.






Boogazine Stereograph: final work of my editorial postgrade. My first concern was to make a magazine with which you can interact, as well as add things that you think that should be in it. This magazine takes 4 weeks to be completed, so, wait anxiously by the door for your mailman, because he will bring you what is missing! You can also have access to exclusive web contents, such as videos, interviews, making of’s, etc., which are linked from the magazine to the internet by QR codes.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



The analogical structure of my portfolio consists in postcards.They are frame images from the stopmotion of my portfolio, with technical aspects of those works.
These posters runs around the city as viral marketing, appearing everywhere that you might or might not expect.